"I won’t stop until I’m done," Brandon Norris sings in the song "Julianna." A beautiful pledge to his middle daughter, but also words so poignant that anybody who loves anybody can relate. Norris – music writer, lyrics maestro and lead vocals – introduces listeners to his family in his latest album, “Family Tree”. "I got my four girls and it makes me a lucky man," he explains, sounding rested and ready to share with the world his unique mix of truthful words and clean rhythms. 

Growing up, finding love and creating a family, Norris has many stories to tell. The nine tracks on “Family Tree” tell a chronological story in a way many people can relate. Whether you have memories in Monroe County, Alabama, or elsewhere, Norris’ words resonate a sense of peace rarely heard from new artists of his genre. 

Call it a love letter to his family or a love letter to the world around him, Norris’ “Family Tree” will offer the ideal mix of songs for those of us who enjoy driving back roads, tailgate karaoke with friends or dancing in the kitchen with the one you love. From the opener (and local favorite) “Bobby Pins” to the closer “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” featuring his oldest daughter and close friends, listening to “Family Tree” just makes life better. 

--Emily E. Smith